Alva Under The Sink


Open up new dimension of superior uniqueness and luxury at the next level   Size : 327 (Width) × 186 (High) × 102 (Deep) mm.

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Modern technology, with a premium look, will bring you a seductive look at your home. The newest technologies and outstanding performance. This revolutionary faucet dispenses the purest water you may ever have tasted. The Alva Under the silk combines breakthrough technology and stunning design in the ultimate home. It’s perfect for those who want the assurance of a constant flow of purified water always on tap. There’s no need for wasteful bottles and it looks sleek and stylish too. The Alva Under the sink uses unique Firewall™ UV point-of-dispense technology to eliminate 99.9999%* of germs, delivering the healthiest water to your cup. Our carbon filtration system means it tastes beautiful, too. Stylish brushed aluminum, touch sensitive and easy to clean.   An aesthetic addition to the kitchen, The Alva Under the sink uses our unique Firewall™ technology to wipe out impurities. It purifies your drinking water, cleansing the water to 99.9999%* bacteria free, and acts as a barrier, preventing back contamination from outside. With improved water quality and taste, The Alva Under the sink will bring an endless supply of pure water to your kitchen Ambient water options are available.

  • Save money by eliminating bottled water.
  • Freshly purified, with 99.9999%* of bacteria removed but all the healthy minerals left in. It’s how good water should be.
  • World-leading testing and approvals for your peace of mind.

*Bacteria 99.9999%, Virus 99.999%, Cyst 99.9%

Size (WidthxDeepxHigh) 335 x 179 x 78 mm.
Power Supply 220-240 W / 50 Hz
Weight 6 kg.
Water Connection ¼”
Minimum Water Pressure Megapascal 2 bar
Maximum Pressure Megapascal 4.14 bar
Recommended Water Pressure Megapascal 3 bar
Minimum Incoming Flow Rate 1.5 Lite/ min
Standard Filter Carbon block Sediment filter
UV Lamp UV 13 watt
Water Temperature ambient temperature
Control Unit 17 W
Unit Total 17 W


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