Alva is a market leader in distribution of Water Purifiers and Water Dispenser in Thailand for more than 40 years and recently has entered in a regional partnership with FC Bayern Munich. The cooperation is based on the common values, such as high quality standard, innovations and sustainability. With this cooperation we will further increase the awareness of our products and their benefits in the market.

Alva is FC Bayern’s Regional Partner

“Alva” was introduced in 2006 as a brand for water purifiers by Lux Asia Pacific / Lux Royal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. to increase the focus on water purifier products. “Lux” was founded in 1901 in Sweden with the initial business of distributing “kerosene lamps” specialized in street and river visibility.

Lux Royal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 focusing until today on direct selling of household appliances. The company has been successfully operating in Thailand for more than 40 years and is proud to have over 500,000 existing customers in Thailand. We will always ensure to provide highest quality in the products we sell, combined with an outstanding after-sales service to focus on the needs of our customer.


“To improve your standard of living, and add value to your lifestyle”


  • We provide premium appliances to achieve the basic needs of people in a smart and reliable manner, thereby allowing them to enjoy their life to the fullest.
  • We share our solutions and knowledge through our warm and friendly customer-oriented product coaching.
  • We offer effective yet comprehensive solutions to satisfy the needs of different market segments.
  • We support each other as a team to triumph over challenges and accomplish success.
  • We use our success to ensure long lasting benefits for our customer and employees.

Corporate Culture

  • We put our customers first. We strive to surpass their expectations. We understand that their satisfaction is the key to our success.
  • We embody team spirit, collaborating with each other towards our goals and harnessing synergy to achieve a better solution.
  • We believe in lifelong learning. We embrace changes, and prepare ahead to grow towards the future.
  • We always give our best when accomplishing our tasks. Our high performance is our pride.

Our actions are guided by honesty and integrity. We choose to work with good conscience to create a positive long-term impact for everyone.



In 1977, Lux become independent from Electrolux for establishing to the only full direct selling into Thailand by beginning to sell the vacuum, washing machines, and household electrical appliances.


In 2001, LUX Asia Pacific and with this Lux Royal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd became a member of the VORWERK Group that has been operating successfully for over 130 years.


In 2018,

● LUX Asia Pacific Group’s headquarter is located in Singapore and cover the regional operations in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand as well as the distribution in Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines.

● LUX Asia Pacific became independent from Vorwerk and will continue it’s way under private ownership.

● LUX Asia Pacific appointed to be authorized distributor of Vorwerk.

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